What we do

Frequently Asked Questions

We expose harms and abuses

PI reveals mechanisms, harms, abuses operated by the industry and governments against people, through their systems, services or practices. These powerful actors use modern technology to gain more power or money, ignoring a huge negative impact on people, democracy and human rights. We monitor, analyse, research and ultimately expose all forms of violations associated with use of new technology and their impact on people. We developed and have been using innovative methodologies for technical research, that are widely recognised and replicated by journalists, technical communities, other non-governmental organisations, and academia.

We campaign with the public for solutions

PI has developed a depth of knowledge about the risks for people posed by weak technologies, poor safeguards, and manipulative discourse. It's not enough to just show the problem -- we must engage and campaign for change. With people’s voices and support we can raise these issues with the powerful actors who build and shape the systems, to improve the situation for everyone. We want to educate, inspire, and involve people in the issues we worry about. We developed various tools and ways people can support our campaigns and join the global privacy movement for a better world where data and technology empower and enable us, not exploit our data for profit and power.

We mobilise allies globally

New technologies and their impacts present the potential for continued social and economic upheaval, on scales similar to climate change or global inequality. Like for those issues, global attention and action is needed. That is why we identify allies all around the world, establish partnerships, build their capacity and mobilise them in a global privacy movement. Together we work with people, conduct research, and run advocacy campaigns at the local, regional and international levels regarding harmful practices by governments and companies. We see great potential for technology, yet governments and companies are resistant, reluctant, or sometimes refuse to implement basic safeguards in law and technology. We engage with and mobilise civil society organisations, human rights activists, academia, journalists, technical community and other relevant stakeholders to seek those safeguards and build stronger futures for everyone.

We pressure companies and governments to change

We continuously keep track of all new developments and rapidly respond to each suspicious or harmful initiatives announced by the governments and companies. At the same time, we actively use legal instruments to demand for a change.

Our positions and proposed solutions that drive our communications and advocacy are based on evidence and standards. We continuously keep track of all new developments and rapidly respond to suspicious or harmful initiatives from governments and companies that threaten fundamental rights. When necessary, we take action through courts to ensure our adversaries abide by the law and respect the rule of law. We inform and seek redress from regulators and public authorities in regard to the identified harms and violations.