InternetLab is an independent research center that aims to foster academic debate around issues involving law and technology, especially internet policy. Our goal is to conduct interdisciplinary impactful research and promote dialogue among academics, professionals and policymakers. We follow an entrepreneurial nonprofit model, which embraces our pursuit of producing scholarly research in the manner and spirit of an academic think tank. As a nexus of expertise in technology, public policy and social sciences, our research agenda covers a wide range of topics, including privacy, freedom of speech, gender and technology.



Privacy International is part of a 60+ coalition calling on Facebook and Google to provide equal and better transparency regarding political advertising on their platforms globally.


A PI conversou com o diretor do InternetLab Francisco Brito Cruz sobre a regulamentação da propaganda política online no Brasil, obstáculos à transparência da propaganda online e desafios futuros.


PI spoke to partner InternetLab about their research on the regulation of online political ads in Brazil, obstacles to online ads transparency, and coming challenges.


Long Read

Our partner organisation InternetLab has been researching the Bolsa Familia Program and its consequences for gender and privacy, here are the first results.