TEDIC is a Paraguayan non-governmental organisation that develops open civic technology, supported by its work in communications and alternative advocacy. It also promotes and defends digital rights in favour of a free Internet culture, with the aim of establishing a collaborative society where digital rights are exercised and respected.


This country-specific protest guide was developed by PI partner TEDIC, and is available in Spanish.


PI submitted with TEDIC a joint stakeholder report on the state of privacy in view of Paraguay's review at the 38th session of the UPR.


Privacy International is part of a 60+ coalition calling on Facebook and Google to provide equal and better transparency regarding political advertising on their platforms globally.

07 Apr 2020
Our partners from Tedic in Paraguay analysed different tech proposals from the Paraguayan government, saying that emergencies are not a 'blank check' for them to do whatever they want (in Spanish). Link: https://www.tedic.org/noesunchequeenblanco/
22 Apr 2020
Our partners from Tedic in Paraguay analysed a government proposal to use drones to enforce the lockdown measures in that country (in Spanish). Link: https://www.tedic.org/uso-de-drones-covid19/

PI y sus partners acogen el llamado de la Relatoría Especial de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) sobre la situación de los Derechos Económicos, Sociales, Culturales y Ambientales en la región.


PI and global partners respond to call of Special Rapporteur of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on situation economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in the region.


Privacy International and over 50 other organisations have submitted a letter to Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices.


Privacy International et plus de 50 autres organisations ont soumis une lettre au PDG d'Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai, demandant à Google de prendre des mesures contre les logiciels préinstallés sur les appareils Android qui exploitent les données des utilisateurs.

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The Privacy International Network is celebrating Data Privacy Week, where we’ll be talking about how trends in surveillance and data exploitation are increasingly affecting our right to privacy. Join the conversation on Twitter using #dataprivacyweek. It is often communities who are already the most
State of Privacy

A study of privacy and surveillance issues in Paraguay. The State of Privacy project was last updated on January 2019, unless otherwise provided on specific pages.

La seguridad digital es una discusión crítica y hay que reconocer que la sociedad civil y los grupos de interés público no han sido suficientemente considerados. Como respuesta, varias organizaciones de la sociedad civil de América Latina se unieron para presentar informes que recuerdan a las
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To celebrate International Data Privacy Day (28 January), PI and its International Network have shared a full week of stories and research, exploring how countries are addressing data governance in light of innovations in technology and policy, and implications for the security and privacy of
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The reports of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group for the States under Review at the 24th session in January 2016 were adopted during the last Regular Session of the Human Rights Council, which took place from 13 June to 1 July 2016. Of the 14 Member States being reviewed, Privacy