Dr Ilia Siatitsa

Job Title
Legal Officer

Ilia focuses on our research, advocacy and litigation on surveillance and technology. She leads our project challenging mass surveillance to protect civic spaces. Under the Defending Democracy and Dissent program, she is further involved on the data and elections research. As a human rights expert, she also explores the impact of new technologies on human rights beyond the right to privacy. Finally, she contributes on our work on competition law and data.

Ilia is a qualified lawyer in Greece and has a PhD in International Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva, specialising in international human rights law and public international law. Before joining PI, Ilia was a Research Fellow at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights leading the research on human rights in the digital age. She was also a member of the research team of the Big Data, Human Rights and Technology Project housed at the Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex. In the past, she worked as human rights lawyer in Athens.

Ilia also holds an LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights from the Law School, University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, an LLM in Public International Law from the University of Athens and a Law Degree from the Democritus University, Greece.