Our core values are that:

  • We work with others to better understand, to engage, to change minds (including our own), and to build a movement.
  • We lead by example, set high standards, and critically evaluate our work. This means also learning from our mistakes.
  • We deliver on our promises. This means that we are accountable and we work on until we achieve our objectives.
  • We are all responsible for building and maintaining a good and strong PI and field.

We know that this is a unique moment in time where we can influence the shape of the future and we are fortunate to have this opportunity. 

People at PI are curious about the state and direction of the world. We seek to understand that technologies play many roles in the use of power and shaping the future. We are advocates that wants to fight for change and ensure that our voice is both credible and heard by key audiences, including the public. We want to shape an organisation that is always growing and learning, and contribute to its strengthening. We work across projects and issues and skills-sets.

Why we are different

At PI we think critically, get deep into the complexity of law & technology, explore the future of humanity & freedom, to focus on achieving real and meaningful change. We reflect continuously on how we can do better. To achieve this, we are always

  • further developing our expertise in law, technology, and policy as we ensure we are capable of defending the public’s interest;
  • monitoring the constantly changing landscapes as we prepare to respond to new developments, challenges, and risks; and
  • seeking to work with others with a stake in these issues, as we can learn from their expertise and experiences and support them.

We listen to, channel and strengthen peoples’ voices, to work together to change the world today and for tomorrow. We listen continually to people’s ideas on how we can do more. To achieve this, we are working to find new ways to

  • engage with our supporters, and inform them of our work as it happens;
  • listen to our supporters, and ask for ideas on how we can change and improve;
  • enhance the voices of our supporters, and elevate them through our campaigns them so our adversaries must listen.