Christmas Present Privacy

Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy your day tomorrow. This week we're bringing you tips for how to spot and deal with things that worry you about the gifts you or your kids may recieve tomorrow.



Donate to PI and get your facemask

Mozilla's *privacy not included project

US PIRG's Trouble in Toyland

Roomba home maps and concerns from 2017 about Roomba sharing that information

ICO advice

Our guides for protecting yourself from online tracking

Our Amazon Ring report "One Ring to Watch Them All"

Find out more about our legal work

Extra audio credit details in order of appearance:

  • acclivity (sleigh bells)
  • dj997 (additional bells)
  • Marta Tsvettsikh (fire sound)
  • waxsocks (ding dong merrily)
  • bilwiss (music box/silent night)
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