Tell companies to stop exploiting your data!

We've heard a lot about the exploitative business models of Facebook or Google, and our team was curious to see how companies that are not used to being in the spotlight would respond to people exercising their data rights. After months of research, we filed complaints against seven of these companies: Acxiom, Criteo, Equifax, Experian, Oracle, Quantcast, and Tapad.

We also wrote to these companies and requested that they delete our data. And we've made it easier for you to do this too!

But this campaign is larger than just this. The reason we are focused on these companies is that they judge, profile, categorise, and exploit your data, from the shadows. It is fundamentally problematic that there are companies that you are unable to effectively challenge that shape major milestones in your lives, from buying a home, to growing a family, and more. We must ensure that we have spaces in which we are free from being tracked and judged.

The more people show these companies that we will no longer stand their exploitation of our data, the more they will have to listen.