US company adopts voluntary microchip implants for employees


On August 1, 2017, Wisconsin company Three Square Market began offering its employees the option of implanting a tiny chip between their thumb and index finger. The chip enables employees to wave at hand at any of the company's RFID readers in order to enter the building, pay for food in the cafeteria, or use other company services. More than 50 out of the 80 staff at its headquarters volunteered; a few are said to be considering incorporating the chip into a piece of jewellery rather than have it implanted. The system is supplied by the Swedish company Biohax International, which has supplied a similar system to Epicenter, also a Swedish company. The chips are removable and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. At Carnegie-Mellon University, Alessandro Acquisiti raised the issues of tracking, mission creep, and data security.
Writer: Maggie Astor
Publication: New York Times

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