Facebook launches Instant Personalization for third-party websites


In April 2010, Facebook launched a set of tools to enable websites to add a social layer by adding a Facebook frame to their pages. The company's three launch partners, Microsoft's Docs.com, Yelp, and Pandora, had access to a more comprehensive tool, Instant Personalization, which allowed them to look directly at individuals' Facebook profiles and use the public information presented there to provide a personalised experience such as playing music (Pandora) or restaurants (Yelp) that the person has already indicated they like on Facebook. The programme was an important step toward removing user anonymity while browsing the web. Facebook provided users with a new privacy setting to enable them to opt out. Shortly after the launch users began circulating instructions for how to opt out.
Tags: Facebook, Yelp, Microsoft, Pandora, Instant Personalization, tracking, linking.
Writer: Liz Gannes
Publication: Gigaom

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