Zuckerberg family photo highlights the complexity of Facebook's privacy controls


In 2012, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi, tweeted to fellow Twitter user Callie Schweitzer that Schweitzer had violated her privacy by posting a picture taken in her kitchen. Randi Zuckerberg, the former head of Facebook's marketing department, had posted the picture, which was taken in her kitchen and showed four people including her brother, to Facebook intending it to be viewed by Friends only. Schweitzer responded that the picture had popped up in her Facebook News Feed. Randi Zuckerberg eventually established that Schweitzer was able to see the picture because they had a mutual Friend. She saw the incident as a breach of etiquette, but the fact that even an insider could make such a mistake sparked many complaints about Facebook's confusing and frequently-changing privacy settings. It also provided a reminder that even when the settings are right, it's impossible to stop material from being copied and reposted outside of its original intended context.

tags: Facebook, Zuckerberg, privacy settings, usability, design, errors
Writer: Associated Press
Publication: CBS News

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