Facebook increases transparency requirements for British political advertising


In October 2018, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and questions over Facebook's influence on the UK's EU referendum, Facebook announced it would add Britain to the US and Brazil on the list of countries where the company will no longer allow political groups to publish "dark" ads on its network. Among the changes: all paid-for political content will be automatically published in a public library for up to seven years; individuals and organisations running ads with political content are required to register and verify their identity; and Facebook will reveal how many people saw the ad, how much was paid for it, and the location and gender of the recipients. However, Facebook will not disclose more detail about how the ad was targeted, so advertisers' segmentation strategies will remain secret, as will promotional ads on general but divisive topics such as immigration. 


writer: Alex Hern and Jim Waterson
Publication: Guardian

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