Witness "Alexa" is called to give evidence in ongoing murder investigation in Florida

A woman was killed by a spear to the chest at her home in Hallandale Beache, Florida, north of Miami, in July. Witness "Alexa" has been called yet another time to give evidence and solve the mystery. The police is hoping that the smart assistance Amazon Echo, known as Alexa, was accidentally activated and recorded key moments of the murder. “It is believed that evidence of crimes, audio recordings capturing the attack on victim Silvia Crespo that occurred in the main bedroom … may be found on the server maintained by or for Amazon,” police argued and managed to obtain the recordings. The victim's husband, who is the primary suspect at the moment, denies the offence.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/01/alexa-florida-death-witness-amazon-echo

Journalist: Guardian staff

What is Privacy International calling for?

People must know

People must be able to know what data is being generated by devices, the networks and platforms we use, and the infrastructure within which devices become embedded.  People should be able to know and ultimately determine the manner of processing.

Data should be protected

Data should be protected from access by persons who are not the user.