India: Karnataka app tracks foreign travellers and coronavirus-positive individuals 


Learning from countries like South Korea, government of the Indian state Karnataka has assigned its ten-member COVID-19 task force, which includes IAS officers with expertise in the fields of technology, medicine and healthcare, to develop a system to the approximately 40,000 people who visited foreign countries during the period of the Covid-19 outbreak as well as those who have tested positive and their contacts. The Corona Watch app, which gives details of the places visited by the 56 people (as of March 26) who have tested positive for COVID-19, has already been launched. The state has found that the number of contacts is ten times the number of patients - more if the infected person goes to a concert or other event. As in other countries, the primary goal is to ensure that the number of cases that need medical intervention does not overwhelm the health service.


Writer: Johnson TA
Publication: The Indian Express