Argentina proposes tracking to ensure quarantine compliance


The Argentinian Ministry of Transport, working with the state-owned satellite company  ARSAT and the telecoms regulator,ENACOM, proposed to the Executive on 31 March 2020 a platform that uses cell tower data to track people on public transport and ensure they comply with quarantine laws. By 28 March, the Ministry of Security had detained 13,006 people for violating the rules. The government believes that although compliance is high, it will deteriorate if quarantine is extended much longer, especially in the most vulnerable urban sectors. Using the cells in the wireless network, the government can detect when a mobile phone moves from one cell to another - in a city, a radius of roughly 20 blocks, an area within which there should be at least one place to buy food and medicine - and identify those who travel outside that area. The government hopes that in a second phase they could copy Asia's models and conduct personalised monitoring of infected people.


Writer: LPO
Publication: La Politica Online