Argentina: Urbetrack pitches quarantine enforcement geofencing app


The Argentinian company Urbetrack is developing a "Cuidate en casa" (Take Care of Yourself at Home) app that it will pitch to government agencies throughout the country. The goal is to contribute to remediating the health crisis by helping enforce quarantine. The plan is that users will download the app and complete a form with their personal details as chosen by the local authority. The app will then generate a "radial geofence" defined by the local authority, within which the user must stay. If a user breaks quarantine, the app will alert them and the relevant government agency. , and alerts its users when they are getting away from their homes and not respecting isolation, together with a notification to the corresponding government agency in the district. The app is yet to be launched publicly. The data could be stored in the cloud or on government servers.


Writer: Infobae
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