US CDC will replace screening for inbound international passengers


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it would end screening of inbound international passengers from a group of countries including the UK, Brazil, Iran, Ireland, and the EU Schengen countries in the third week of September. CDC said it would replace the programme with new, “more effective” procedures such as better education about COVID-19, voluntary collection of contact information, recommendations for self-monitoring, and “potential” testing for COVID-19. As governments have shown little interest in setting up airport testing, private companies are beginning to set up centres at selected airports (such as San Francisco’s SFO). Though these are mainly aimed at airline and airport workers, XpressSpa Group has signed a contract with Abbott labs for 15-minute testing units and is converting space at some of its numerous airport spa locations into COVID testing centres for passengers. Other companies creating walk-in coronavirus testing centres include Lufthansa in collaboration with Centogene (Frankfurt).


Writer: Chris McGinnis
Publication: SFGate