Border Control

16 Sep 2022
Notorious military tech company Anduril is pushing its technology to the border surveillance market. Along the US-Mexico border, its surveillance towers "use an artificial intelligence system called Lattice to autonomously identify, detect and track “objects of interest”, such as humans or vehicles
04 Oct 2022
The Greek defence startup Lambda Automata is putting up "Outpost" autonomous observation towers to enhance monitoring of the country's numerous islands in the Aegean Sea, important in territorial conflicts with Turkey. The towers use computer vision algorithms to turn CCTV cameras into situational

The migration crisis in 2015 brutally exposed the divisions in Europe. People who fled war and make it to Europe are being met with violence and intrusive surveillance at the border at the hands of state authorities.

We sat down with Natalie & Sergio from the Border Violence Monitoring Network to learn more about the situation at Europe’s borders.

02 Jul 2020

Sidestepping the need to obtain a search warrant, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been accessing smartphone location data by buying it from private marketing that typically embed tracker in apps. This data, which maps the movement of millions of cellphones in America, was collected

12 Sep 2020
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it would end screening of inbound international passengers from a group of countries including the UK, Brazil, Iran, Ireland, and the EU Schengen countries in the third week of September. CDC said it would replace the programme with new,
23 Jun 2020
Los Angeles Airport (LAX) has begun the first of two six-week voluntary trials in which travellers walk past fever-detecting cameras before reaching security. Those who show a temperature above 100.4F will be taken aside for secondary screening. During the pilot no one will be stopped from
10 Jul 2020
Hundreds of trucks carrying goods and humanitarian aid from Cameroon’s Douala sea port to Central African Republic are stranded at the border because testing kits are in short supply; under an agreement, Cameroon drivers who test negative are supposed to be granted access. Results of tests completed