Examples of Abuse

Almost everyday a company or government abuses your data. Whether these abuses are intentional or the result of error, we must learn from these abuses so that we can better build tomorrow's policies and technologies. This resource is an opportunity to learn that this has all happened before, as well as a tool to query these abuses.

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23 Apr 2017
For some months in 2017, in one of a series of high-risk missteps, Uber violated Apple's privacy guidelines by tagging and identifying iPhones even after their users had deleted Uber's app. When Apple discovered the deception, CEO Tim Cook told Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to cease the practice or face
09 Jun 2017
French spy agency Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure in December 2016 for 10 million euros signed a contract buying access to Palantir’s Gotham software. French politicians have voiced concerns over the software as France pushes to become more technologically independent. Publication: EU