Coding Rights

Coding Rights is a Brazilian-based think tank that aims to advance the enforcement of human rights in the digital world. Its goal is to ensure that policy-making affecting technological development and digital rights is informed by actual technological knowledge, and that technological development is guided by fundamental human rights. 

09 Apr 2020
Our partners from Coding Rights in Brazil analysed 18 different Bills introduced to the Congress to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic (in Portuguese). Link:

Privacy International and over 50 other organisations have submitted a letter to Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices.


Privacy International et plus de 50 autres organisations ont soumis une lettre au PDG d'Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai, demandant à Google de prendre des mesures contre les logiciels préinstallés sur les appareils Android qui exploitent les données des utilisateurs.

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Creative Commons Photo Credit: Source In the third episode of the Gender and Privacy Series, we talk about sex and privacy with two female activists: Sarah Jamie Lewis, an expert on the security of internet-connected sex toys, and Joana Varon, founder of the female-led Brazilian NGO Coding Rights
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This month Brazil adopted a new data protection law, joining the ranks of more than 120 countries which have adopted such legislation, providing individuals with rights against the exploitation of their personal data. But after a veto from the Brazilian president, the law lacks an independent
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To celebrate Data Privacy Week, we spent the week discussing privacy and issues related to control, data protection, surveillance, and identity. Join the conversation on Twitter using #dataprivacyweek. Do you live in a “smart city”? Chances are, you probably do (or at least your city claims to be)