Whatsapp is a messaging app owned by Facebook since 2014. While it was for a long time unencrypted, whatsapp now offers End-to-end encryption by default and rely on the Signal protocol to do so, a largely audited and recognized protocol maintained by Open Whisper Systems and used in other messaging apps such as Signal. In that regard, Whatsapp is one of the safest options to communicate privately as it cannot access the content of your conversations.

However, whatsapp still collects metadata such as who you are talking to, at what time and from device. This still represent a great quantity of information and should be considered when using the app.

Guide step

The screenshots below outline some steps you can take to minimise the data you share on WhatsApp. The company announced changes to group privacy (details here) but we are not currently (as of 14/05/19) able to see these changes (PI is UK-based).

It’s tough to minimise targeted ads on phones