Uber grants Cincinnati access to data many cities covet


In February 2018 Uber and the city of Cincinnati, Ohio announced the Cincinnati Mobility Lab, a three-year-partnership that will allow the city and the surrounding area in northern Kentucky to use Uber data for transport planning. Cincinnati, like many cities, is anxious to identify the impact of Uber and Lyft on local roads and transit networks. Uber claims 200,000 app users and 4,000 active drivers in the Cincinnati area, and sees the city as a representative example for a test that it may then decide to expand to other, larger cities across the US. Among the initiatives the partnership will undertake: a third-party study which will combine Uber's data with that gathered from local transport agencies; a study to establish ideal pickup and drop-off points; Uber Movement, the company's data-sharing platform; a new in-person driver centre; and an employer forum at the Chamber of Commerce. 

Writer: Faiz Siddiqui

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