Secret Uber "Greyball" programme undermines regulators


In 2017, the New York Times discovered that Uber had a secret internal programme known as "Greyball", which used data collected from the Uber app and other techniques to identify and bar regulators and officials from using its service. As the company expanded into new areas, its standard practice was to open up and begin offering rides without seeking regulatory approval first. The company used Greyball to prevent regulators from building a case against the company in areas where it met opposition. These areas included cities such as Boston, Paris, and Las Vegas, and numerous countries including Australia, China, and South Korea. Greyball was video-recorded in action in Portland, Oregon, where city officials were attempting a sting operation against the company. Uber defended Greyball on the basis that it merely denied rides to people who were violating the company's terms of service.

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