What Companies Do

AdTech, a short form of advertisement technology, is a catch-all term that describes tools and services that connect advertisers with target audiences and publishers. It’s also a multi-billion-dollar industry that is facing investigations by Data Protection Authorities and complaints by
Effective competition is necessary for privacy and innovation. Increasingly the digital economy is characterised by a few companies in dominant positions. These companies are able to impose terms and conditions that exploit our data and violate our freedoms.
Financial institutions handle huge amounts of important information about their customers, and they are increasingly being required to collect information that far exceeds their legitimate purposes in order to assist governments and companies to build profiles.
Changes in the financial sector provides opportunities to develop privacy-protecting instruments; unfortunately, the efforts of the industry are not very often put in this direction.
In its rush to connect everything, industry increases insecurity and generates more data beyond people's control.
Location and Geographic Surveillance Tech
Cities full of sensors that monitor peoples' activities, generating intelligence for use by companies and governments.
You might think you own your phone - but there is data on there you can't access, you can't delete, and possibly is being silently leaked to companies you've never heard of.