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The Google/Fitbit merger - NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Google wants to know everything about you. It already holds a massive trove of data about you, but it now also wants to get its hands on your health data too. We don’t think any company should be allowed to accumulate this much intimate information about us. This is why we’re trying to stop its merger with Fitbit and saying ’NOT ON OUR WATCH’!

Fighting the Global Covid-19 Power-Grab

In the rush to respond to Covid-19 and its aftermath, government and companies are exploiting data with few safeguards. PI is acting to ensure that this crisis isn't abused.

Our data is not for trade

Trade, and the people who negotiate trade agreements, fundamentally misunderstand data, privacy and data protection.

Tell companies to stop exploiting your data!

After months of research, we filed complaints against seven of data broker companies: Acxiom, Criteo, Equifax, Experian, Oracle, Quantcast, and Tapad.

Enhancing Data Protection Standards

We must compel governments to promote and respect the highest data protection standards.

Ask Your MP to Improve the UK's Data Protection Bill!

We ran a campaign to improve the UK's Data Protection Act 2018.

Unmasking Policing, Inc.

Governments are secretly collaborating with private companies. Here is why PI is concerned about surveillance outsourcing, and why together we urgently must expose them.

Uncovering the Hidden Data Ecosystem

It is time that these companies - which operate within the hidden data ecosystem - receive the attention and scrutiny they deserve. Our campaign to uncover this hidden data ecosystem began on 25 May 2018  the day the new EU data privacy law - GDPR - came into force. We will be using the law as a tool to investigate and hold to account a range of data companies that facilitate mass data exploitation.