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Empowering people with advertising transparency

PI is campaigning for 1) platforms to give all users heightened ad transparency and 2) for transparency into targeting and funding of ads to be meaningful.

Your mental health for sale

Our investigation into mental health websites, with dismaying findings.

Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android

We look at how apps are exposing peoples' activities and behaviours to Facebook.

Tell companies to stop exploiting your data!

After months of research, we filed complaints against seven of data broker companies: Acxiom, Criteo, Equifax, Experian, Oracle, Quantcast, and Tapad.

When Your Data Becomes Political

Increasingly, political parties, political campaigns and those who work for them tap into and exploit our data to seek to influence us.  It is essential that legal safeguards are in place and enforced to challenge these practices.

Advertisers on Facebook: who the heck are you and how did you get my data?

Investigating brands using Facebook for advertising, exposing how difficult it is to understand how our data's used and demanding Facebook make it easier to exercise our rights

Uncovering the Hidden Data Ecosystem

It is time that these companies - which operate within the hidden data ecosystem - receive the attention and scrutiny they deserve. Our campaign to uncover this hidden data ecosystem began on 25 May 2018  the day the new EU data privacy law - GDPR - came into force. We will be using the law as a tool to investigate and hold to account a range of data companies that facilitate mass data exploitation.