Install an adblocker on Chrome - uBlock Origin

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15th October 2020
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uBlock Origin (do not mistake with uBlock which a completely different project) is an independant and open-source ad-blocker relying on a currated list of servers. It prevents your browser from connecting to these servers to serve you ads. We recommand it over AdBlock Plus which authorise certain ads to be displayed according to its "Acceptable Ads program".

Notes: There are other ad-blockers on the market and you are free to test other alternatives. But we recommand you use an independant, open-source and free ad-blocker to avoid products with conflict of interest, spywares or blockers with "acceptable ads" program. Ad-blockers with open blacklisting and whitelisting that the user can edit should be able to get you through


To install uBlock Origin on Chrome, the safest way is to visit the Google Chrome web store and search for "uBlock Origin". Alternatively, click this link to access the extension directly.

Click "Add to Chrome"

uBlock Origin Install page

When a popup appears in your browser, click "Add extension".

uBlock Origin install popup

uBlock will then be installed. Congrats!

No other configuration is required, You should now have the uBlock Origin icon in the top right corner of you browser. By default uBlock Origin will block ads on every site you visit.

Clicking on it will let you see how many ads have been blocked and temporary disable it if you cannot load a specific page or if you want to enable ads on a specific website.