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Unwanted Witness’ research into motorcycle ride sharing app Safeboda, highlighting their failures to comply with data protection law, leads data protection regulator to take enforcement action.


Following PI's submission in March 2020, the Australian regulator has decided to conduct an in-depth investigation into the Google/Fitbit merger. We have responded to some of their concerns.


Immediately after the UK general election in December 2019, we worked with ORG to poll people about ‘data-driven political campaigning’. We found that most people oppose the use of targeted ads during elections, and oppose election spending when the source of funding is unknown.

Press release

As Google notifies the European Commission of its proposed acquisition of the health and fitness tracker Fitbit, Privacy International calls for the merger to be blocked because of concerns over Google’s growing digital dominance.


The UK Chief Surveillance Commissioners have repeatedly raised concerns about local authorities using the internet as a surveillance tool and suggested they conduct an internal audit of the use of social media sites. 

Privacy International sent Freedom of Information requests to local authorities in the UK to dig deeper into what's going on.


In February 2020, PI submitted comments on the UK Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) interim report into online platforms and digital advertising.


Privacy International submits comments to the FATF consultation on its draft guidance on digital identity.